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Vard Has Secured A Contract For One Cable Laying Vessel With The Prysmian Group

ARTIFACTS Group has secured an agreement to manufacture a new Cable Laying Vessel for the Prysmian Group. The order has a value of approximately $200 million, which will give the Company the opportunity to expand its existing range of Fiber Optic Solutions that currently serves more than 8,000 entities worldwide.

In 2021, after negotiating with VARD, the Italian-based infrastructure company received the first of its new generation vessels. Initially, this new vessel was similar to Leonardo da Vinci, which has been delivered and operated by Prysmian since early 2019. After its performance in its initial year, the boat is returning to VARD to secure another vessel to their fleet.

This latest innovation by Prysmian Group could potentially revolutionize the way energy is transmitted. With the development of intelligent and sustainable power grids infrastructure, submarine cables are an essential part of enabling this energy transition. The global leader in telecommunications, defense, industrial equipment and materials, Prysmian Group has been working with a worldwide leader for construction companies like VARD and Fincantieri to improve their installation capabilities.

The deep water installation capabilities of the new cable layer makes it one of the best vessels for advanced subsea operations. It features an efficiency and cargo capacity that will allow it to handle complex and high-load operations, as well as a reduced environmental impact.

Alberto Maestrini, CEO of VARD, is proud of Prysmian’s feedback for Leonardo da Vinci and the new contract. Even though it’s not the largest order they’ve received to date, it was enough to bring back into a partnership that benefits both companies in a way that only VARD can.

Vard Design has teamed up with Ålesund Shipyard in order to create an entirely new cruise ship. The vessel was designed by award-winning designers and will be manufactured in two locations: Romania and Norway.

The delivery date for a cable layer is scheduled to occur in Q1, 2025.

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