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The trick in constructing a 180,000-ton Carnival Cruise Ship feel cozy 

To date, cruise ships are now getting larger and even more popular. Its size also is becoming bigger, and every space counts especially seen in smaller cabins. Sometimes saving inches on the bedside allows ample space for a major bathroom upgrade.

A cruise ship can now cost more than $1 billion to construct. Those repeat passengers and outstanding social media reviews are an integral and crucial part of the business. Comfort indeed matters and it’s the basic thing that drives one’s cruise ship design.

One of the biggest cruise firm, Carnival, is currently constructing its largest ship. To give you an idea, it’s a 180,000-ton floating city inclusive of three football fields with 18 decks and the first-ever roller coaster at sea. It is estimated to sail in late 2020. The Mardi Gras is expected to carry a maximum of 6,641 cruisers with 2,641 cabins.

Larger cruise ships do not only allow extra features but also bring several extra restrictions as well. For example, the size of large rooms or cabin layout is limited by the required space for fire doors. Adding extra weight means it also takes extra fuel to move. Regardless of the size of the ship, it must still be fast enough to complete a certain voyage on time. Besides, if the vessel is too massive, it can’t sail under some bridges and even use certain ports. This Mardi Gras is said to be too large for its New Orleans port.

The making of Mardi Gras has few secrets like putting around 6,000 passengers on board without making them feel crowded or suffocated. Also, some spaces become multi-functional.

For example, the big atrium in the middle of the ship that is most cruise ship has intended to deliver the feeling of openness and grandeur.

In the case of Mardi Gras, it will add atrium on the side and even create the first-ever three-story glass wall featuring spectacular ocean views. At night, the atrium then transforms into a show lounge that can accommodate at around 800 folks. Screens here can descend from the ceiling or rise on the floor that can turn the atrium into a large Super Bowl watch party. The strategy revolves here is to make the atrium a more useful space during day and night.

Carnival added various approaches and insights that will further enhance a passenger’s cruising experience.

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