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Leonardo DiCaprio saves a man on after falling off Caribbean cruise

A well-known personality, Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly rescued a man who topples over the boat’s railings on a Club Med Cruise near St. Martin located in the Caribbean. The man has described drunk at that time the reason why he fell overboard on the said cruise.

The 45-year old Oscar winner was cruising on a private boat along the coast of St. Barts when he heard the incident that a man had fallen from the nearby ship. About his 1997 movie Titanic where he became well-known in the Hollywood, the actor is part of the rescue mission team, adamant to save the man from the fate as incorporated on his film character Jack Dawson.

Also, according to the reports, the captain sailing DiCaprio’s boat has been given a heads up that a 24-year-old Frenchman had fallen into the waters, and from then raised the alert. And the actor agreed to look for the guy as their team received a panicked emergency message.

DiCaprio’s boat was only alone on the said rescue mission, never stop scouring the rough waters. His team was the only responders and the only chance of survival though they are a few hours away from where the incident took place. For about some hours before he was able to find the man. The Frenchman was able to pull from the ocean 11 hours after he initially fell. He was drowning when he was found. He has been treading water and attracted attention by flailing his hands. A man, named Victor, was hauled aboard safe however he was severely dehydrated. According to the captain of the boat, it was a successful rescue mission like a one in a billion shot.

Victor was then given food, drinks, clothing, and necessary medical assistance before its turnover with the coastguards. Later on, it was found out that the man was a Club Med cruise worker who had too much alcohol and even spent too long under the sun.

Until now the Club Med hasn’t released any further comment regarding the situation as various media have been contacting them. Besides, this isn’t the first time someone has been rescued from falling from a ship or drowning. Like the incident on New Year’s Eve when a man cruising to South Africa to Mauritius on board MSC cruise ship. He was then pulled from the waters after he purposefully jumped into the ocean.

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