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The end of formal nights on cruises: How dress codes are tearing passengers onboard 

Gerry Eggert currently resides at the Chilliwack, B.C., has taken a lot of cruises in his 78 years of existence and notice that recently, people aren’t dressing up like they used to. He then posted on Facebook and quizzed several fellow Holland American Line fans. His concern received various opinions and downright insults.

If you were to dig deeper about the truth behind this, formal nights, which is one of the grand cruising traditions are lately becoming less formal though they exist at all. Yes, we all know that travelers who come onboard usually just want to relax as they are on a vacation. But for some who love to dine with a dressed-up club, it’s disappointing and may feel sad at the same time.

An evolution in the overall dress code has been seen. According to Colleen McDaniel, the executive editor of the news and review site, Cruise Critic, said that those who are very much in favor of a formal night and even the formal dress policy don’t appreciate it when several people show up who are not in formal wear or simply not following the dress code.

As you come on board, cruise lines usually allot at least a night or two during sailing wherein each passenger is encouraged to dress up formally for dinner in a certain restaurant and even get professional photos taken. There are suggested attire but still, it varies. Typically, it includes a dress, pantsuit, skirt, and blouse for women and men, at least wear a collared shirt. Since there are various dining options on the ships, there are also available non-formal venues beyond the main dining rooms.

As per some frequent cruisers or travelers, such signals mean a disappointing end to a beloved way of life in cruising and even in the society in general. Many travelers nowadays don’t dress up as much as when flying, going out for dinner, attending a wedding or religious service.

According to some companies that have relaxed their policies say that this is their approach to the preferences of the modern passengers particularly those who prefer a more casual vibe onboard and not wanting to load their luggage much with suits nor evening gowns. As per the statistics, an estimated 30 million cruisers this year aren’t necessarily looking for fancy experiences.

This wildly carrying terms and enforcement of policies can be unease on the part of new cruisers but head-scratching for those who have been cruising frequently.

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