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Port of Valencia

The Port of Valencia and Baleària Will Invest 100 Million Euros in the New Terminal for Passengers This Year

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) approved the award to Valencian company Baleària Eurolineas Marítimas S.A. for the construction and operation of the new public passenger terminal in their port. This infrastructure will cover about 100,000 square meters, including facilities for mooring military ships, as well as cruise ships, ferries and vehicles. The investment estimated by Valencian shipping company will exceed 37 million Euros, while APV will contribute an additional 61.8 million Euros.

The €97.7 million investments will help facilitate the installation of a new public passenger terminal that is not only sustainable in accordance with environmental standards but also meets the needs of its diverse community, the society in general and future technologies to become a benchmark in terms of infrastructure and values.

The new terminal will serve passenger lines, including those currently operating between Valencia and the Balearic Islands and Algeria. The terminal will also have four berths: one that allows for ships of up to 360 meters in length to call, another of at least 250 meters that can take ferries, and a 215-meter central jetty so ferries can be docked.

The Valencian terminal is a new terminal that has been built specifically for cruise traffic, and it will serve passengers, both domestic and incoming, in addition to providing port service. The main objective of this new terminal is to provide the most efficient transportation of people and companies between the peninsula and Balearic Islands with a commitment by the future Valencian terminal to serve 370,000 passengers annually in its first year, up to 472,000 over the next five years.

Balèaria will incorporate the experience of Global Ports Holding (GPH), which will commit to lowering the environmental impact of their cruise operations with a sustainable offering.

The most eco-friendly terminal

The project submitted to the tender by the PAV includes all contributions of the City Council of Valencia, and it has maximum consensus. It will be committed to the circular economy and will have a space for cultural dynamisation.

The Port new passenger terminal in Valencia will power local planes with 100% renewable electrical energy. This means that their facilities will create enough electricity on-site, from photovoltaic, wind, hydrogen or biofuel sources to power all the flights for the next 50 years.

The future government-built port will provide a docking area for ships, as well as electricity. This will help to reduce emissions by removing the need to stop engines and also by recycling 100% of the waste generated. The port will also generate biogas from its treatment plant, which will be built specifically for this purpose.

Key features of the new facility include centralized management systems for all its facilities, intelligent consumption systems that turn off lights when there is no motion, electric charger systems installed in car parks, and a carbon footprint monitoring system.

Preliminary refurbishment:

Balèaria will renovate the site, with a budget of more than 37 million euros. Additionally, it must spend 61 million euros on PAV projects for the site and old shipyard. The plans for construction are being finalized, so work can begin in around 18 months with the Perfecto Palacio Quay and 14 months with the Grada Quay.

The PAV recently refurbished a section of the old shipyard from the Port of Valencia, where four pieces of historical and artistic value have been maintained. Specifically, these are the water tank, the shipbuilding slipway, two cranes and the most iconic halls.

The historic water tank of the former Naval Union, now known as the Port de València, has already been restored and is bearing the name “Port de Valencia” with the corporate colors of the port administration (blue and white) in order to give greater visibility to what it stands for.

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