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DP World Amp: Chile Make New Sustainability Partnership at Port of Lirquén

These super cranes are a quality option for increasing productivity, reducing carbon footprint, and guaranteeing cheaper shipping rates. The increasing global interest in sustainability is great news for companies looking to make an impact. With DP World’s new state-of-the-art Super Post Panamax cranes tooling up the port and infrastructure at Lirquén, Chile, operational carbon pollution has been reduced by 11% and productivity increased by 20%.

The cranes will allow DP World Lirquén to serve increased capacity, delivering goods to more ports. They’ve made their investment over the next four years, totaling $450 million in investments and vessels. With this investment and these cranes, they are now prepared for more business as demand increases across the region.

With the new cranes, DP World is supporting its commitment to a clean energy future. The company’s operations in Chile through its terminals DP World Lirquén and DP World San Antonio recently renewed their certification, becoming one of the first port operators in South America to use 100% renewable energy. In addition, the company announced at the United Nations Climate Change Conference that it will be cutting carbon emissions by 700,000 tons as part of its commitment to the Green Shipping Challenge.

DP World was proud to confirm their second investment in this container facility, another sign of the high quality of logistics and infrastructure they provide. Each step DP World has taken to enhance their strategic investment along the West Coast of South America has benefited their customers, both financially and operationally, creating a cycle that expands beyond improving productivity and efficiency.

DP World’s Chilean CEO, Curtis Doiron, said sustainability not only has a huge impact on the environment but also business. Building this project was about training and developing skills outside of Chile–not just for sustainability but for future success. Here, the operator training occurred at the DP World facility in Santos, Brazil, the largest private multimodal terminal in Brazil.

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