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The New Service Makes the Port of Salalah the Perfect Gateway to Yemen

Maersk is partnering with the Port of Salalah and Al-Mazyunah to create a new shipping solution that will take the place of the traditional truck convoy to the Omani free zone.

Designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises, this new service provides transport for cargo between Salalah and the Al-Mazyunah free zone under carrier haulage. This reduces lead times and allows access to multiple markets in an effort to support Oman’s 2020 strategy. This will encourage future investment in the region.

Salalah has proven to be the best choice as a gateway for Yemen. The port of Salalah and Maersk just completed its first trial shipment from China to the Mazyouna Free Zone. The shipment was loaded in the Chinese port of Ningbo, and arrived at Mazyouna with a total transit time of 25 days. This makes Salalah the best choice over other ports that cannot compare to its length of journey or economical price. Previously, a major share of freight was discharged into neighboring ports, then routed through Oman which caused delays.

The award-winning Yemen has enjoyed lowered costs and transit times thanks to cutting-edge technology.

This new corridor will help Yemen importers reduce transit times and shipping costs. Maersk has committed to providing the necessary capacity, connectivity, and contracts to scale this up—all of which will positively impact local companies in Oman.

The Port of Salalah in Oman is expanding their inland service capabilities to offer support to customers beyond the port. The expansion is part of our commercial efforts to increase gateway volume. Keld is very grateful for all of the support they received from the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology, the ROP and Asyad. CEO of Port of Salalah.

We offer an end-to-end service that eliminates those unexpected costs and lets you focus on running your business.

With the Port of Salalah acting as a facilitator, we can help Salalah reach its full potential as a gateway to Yemen. We’re working on this in partnership with Maersk, and when it’s complete, customers will have single-window service until their cargo reaches its final destination. This not only makes it convenient for customers by saving them time–but it also eliminates unexpected costs such as line demurrage and port storage.

Christopher Cook, Managing Director of Maersk UAE, Oman and Qatar, commented, “It’s our ambition to provide customers with integrated supply chain solutions that make their lives easier. We’re dedicated to these efforts with the Port of Salalah and we’re excited to see new value unlocked for customers in North Africa.”

The Salalah Port, located in Oman, was recently opened. As one of the world’s most efficient transhipment ports, it is well-positioned to offer a range of customers—from those transporting containers to those moving bulk goods—an efficient, consolidated service. The terminal offers high-quality container and liquid terminal capabilities.

The Port of Salalah currently serves large volumes of various goods through Al-Mazyunah free zone.

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