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Damen Shipyards and Van Stee Offshore Have Recently Signed a Contract to Deliver the First Multi Buster 8020

Van Stee Offshore signed a contract with Damen Shipyards Group to deliver their new Multi Buster 8020 workboat next year. The 80-meter (250-foot) vessel is the first in a series that combines the key elements of Damen’s two successful workboat classes, Multi-Cat and Shoalbuster, which will enable it to undertake a wide variety of projects in water as shallow as three meters deep.

Arnout Damen, the CEO of Damen Shipyards Group recognized that demand for vessels like this was going to grow and after speaking with naval architecture studio OSD-IMT the brainchild of designing the vessel began. Construction for the ship started at Albwardy Damen Sharjah in 2020.

One of the key features of this design would be the extensive deck space and plenty of room to accommodate larger cranes. For stability, this ship includes DP2 dynamic positioning and a retractable bow thruster for enhanced maneuverability. All required third-party equipment is sourced from quality brands.

The Multibuster is developed to perform offshore duties such as anchor-handling, towing, and ROV operations. As its sustainable propeller, thrusters and diesel engines reduce the vessel’s energy consumption, the ship will serve offshore renewables and oil & gas sectors. Nearshore operations include tasks like cable layering and beach pulling.

We are looking forward to the renewal of our relationship with Damen and the opportunity to work closely with Arjan van Stee, Director Van Stee Offshore. As a specialist in shallow draft operations, he is enthusiastic about the Multibuster, which will provide new capabilities and opportunities to support his offshore energy clients as well as his partners working on wind and other renewables.

Joost van der Weiden, Damen Sales Manager for the Benelux region, said, “I’m very excited to be working once again with Van Stee Offshore. Known for its high-quality vessels and prestigious customers, it’s wonderful to work with a company like this. I believe that the multi buster 8020 is the right vessel at the perfect time, delivering a suite of capabilities that are sure to be in demand in years ahead. We all look forward to seeing it in operation and collaborating with Van Stee Offshore more in the future.”

Van Stee Offshore currently operates three multi-purpose workboats in the North Sea, Taiwan, and Angola. The Multibuster will give them yet another capable global presence. The ship has been undergoing custom modifications including the installation of a four-point mooring system and boat landing facilities for crew transfer vessels. These changes have upgraded the navigation and communication systems as well as HVAC systems to equip it for high latitudes.

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