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Silversea’s Silver Whisper ship set sail to touch all seven continents 

The world’s first-ever cruise ship that will cover all the seven continents left port from Fort Lauderdale. For the next four months, Silversea’s Silver Whisper ship is scheduled to sail until it reaches its final destination – Amsterdam this coming May 25. During the span of the cruise, guests are expected to visit 62 destinations located in 32 different countries on all seven continents.

The published fare for this 140-day cruise starts at $62,000. If you want a more spacious owner’s suite, you can avail it for $240,000. That’s the most expensive cruise accommodation in industry history. This ship can accommodate almost 388 passengers.

To cover and involve all destinations while onboard, the ship will be having a cocktail program wherein it will incorporate personalize drinks for each stop such as regional specialties and even local ingredients. Besides, cocktail masterclasses are also available onboard. If guests desire, they can learn how to recreate their favorite drinks when back in their hometown.

What’s great about this cruise’ itinerary is that it features 33 off-shore experiences like folkloric ballet performances in Brazil, familiarization tour of the Royal Yacht Brittania in Scotland, and even the candlelit al fresco dinner that’s popular in the Red Sea desert. Also, the voyage includes at least three days in Antarctica wherein guests can enjoy and see penguins and seals in their natural habitat and even explore icebergs.

The ship’s route is going south, stopping in San Juan, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires then to Antarctica. Later on, it will back up the west coast of South America, making its way from Chile to Australia. Stops in Asia include Singapore and Mumbai before going to Europe. The cruise will finally unfold in May.

But that’s not the only thing that you should watch out for Silversea as there are far more exciting things that they will introduce in 2021 like two more epic world cruises. To give you a hint, there will be a 150-day journey that covers at least 34 countries located on six continents and it includes Venice, Italy and Easter Island. On the other hand, there’s also a 167-day journey that will visit almost 107 various destinations covering 30 countries across the six continents and this includes Antarctica. If you want to circumnavigate the world, better watch out for these itineraries as it will show you the beauty and grandeur of the world we’re living in.

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