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Incat Crowther

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) Has Chosen Incat Crowther to Deliver a New Research Vessel

After eight years of hard work and research, Incat Crowther was awarded a state-of-the-art research vessel. The company has also managed to innovate this technology and make it open source. A 25-meter catamaran, mission or not, is impressive. Deemed the DMCR’s new “incat crowther” by the Thai navy, this awesome boat was built to help protect Thailand’s fragile coast and marine environments.

The One is designed for 12 crew and 16 passengers, with six sleeping quarters on the main deck. It features three of the vessel’s sleeping quarters, five bathrooms, a large mess area, outdoor dining area, galley and conveniently located store room. The upper deck features a control room office/operations with a day head, and a master bedroom with ensuite. The hull deck has two crew cabins.

Many people were excited to hear that Camper and Nicholsons had won the contract for DMCR’s new catamaran! Incat Crowther is proud to be working with them on this important project. This catamaran will feature state-of-the-art technology, and will be specifically tailored to DMCRs’ needs.

When designing the aluminium hull, they tested it through extensive model tank testing. They’ve already proven their design to work under market leading performance standards and they hope that it will be successful on the boat as well.

The company’s press release mentioned the boat was designed with a capacity for up to 22 people. It also mentioned that the boat’s propulsion system allows for speeds up to 30 knots—on-the-water speed—that’s possible because of its low fuel consumption rates.

Seacrest Marine hosted a keel laying ceremony in August of 2022, which was attended by government officials and other dignitaries to mark this important milestone.

The DMCR and Seacrest Marine are excited to announce our second project together, following the delivery of the Incat Crowther 26 Research Vessel Pakarang in 2019. With previous successful deliveries and involvement in other projects, Incat Crowther has strong working relationships with both Government of Thailand organizations.

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