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LR awards ZULU Associates with a zero emissions container ship

Zulu Mass successfully obtained approval in principle for their new method of air-independent propulsion. This is a big step toward the development of zero-emission and autonomous shipping.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has approved an innovation in the marine component of logistic chains composed of Zulu Associates bv. and Anglo Belgian Shipping Company Ltd, for the ZULU Mass ship design.

The AI-in-Pilot system will work with the 100 meter Short Sea vessel, which is set to be one of the first ones of its kind to operate autonomously as a zero-emissions cargo vessel in the English Channel. This is a great milestone for climate change and maritime digitalisation.

The ship design with a capacity of 200 TEU is powered by a 650kW Electric Propulsion Motor and can be fuelled by hydrogen, ammonia, or methanol. It was approved in principle following a thorough analysis of the design against relevant industry codes and standards.

Lloyd’s Register is proud to announce another great milestone for autonomous ships in Europe and across the globe. With ZULU Mass, it’s now possible to design efficient, innovative ships that use alternative propulsion technology. And, unlike conventional designs, this one can meet the requirements of international shipping regulations from the ground up

Antoon van Coillie, CEO at ZULU Associates, said: LR has played a major part in the development and initial approval of the ZULU MASS. They’ve been instrumental in the process to date and have been really helpful at every stage.

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