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Windcat Offshore and Damen Shipyards Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell Submarines

The offshore personnel transfer company, Windcat, has announced that it would be ordering these CSOVs from Damen Shipyards through an international contract. These vessels are powered by hydrogen and will be highly beneficial to the company in terms of running costs.

In order to answer the world’s demand for environmental-friendly and accessible marine transport, a new solution has been created. The “Elevation Series” CSOVs have been designed by Damen Shipyards in collaboration with Windcat and CMB.TECH. These vessels are 87 meters long, 20 meters wide and can accommodate 120 people on board. They are powered by hydrogen which will be delivered from 2025.

Windcat, a company started by two brothers, has decided to enter the offshore energy sector. In order to do so, they’ll start with building six CSOVs. These vessels remain in the wind farm for up to 30 days while providing housing and maintenance materials. It’s an interesting next step towards getting into that industry and building on Windcat’s 20-year experience in the renewable energy market.

Damen is one of the leading providers of shipbuilding in the world, with a whopping 96 years of experience. They are creative thinkers and experts in building innovative solutions to meet your needs.


To significantly reduce the vessels’ CO2 footprint, Windcat and CMB.TECH will provide the same dual fuel hydrogen technology for both their Hydrocat and Elevation series vessels. This approach is also a critical contribution to the development of future rules and regulations related to the utilization of hydrogen as a fuel in medium-sized ships.

Damen is committed to being the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder. The company has been a pioneer in developing Service Operation Vessels, having designed and built one of the world’s first dedicated walk-to-work ships 5 years ago. At Windcat, Damen collaborated with them on these vessels to launch these groundbreaking designs.

After 20 years of designing vessels for the Dutch Naval Fleet, as well as construction and operation companies, Robbert van Rijk and his business partner decided in 2011 to create an onboard design division. They partnered with former Windcat employee Stephen Bolton to kickstart the company, which has since grown into a maritime design company with experience in both sectors (CTV and CSOV).

Long-lasting collaboration between two groups

We couldn’t be happier to see Windcat grow with us, and this strategic step we’re taking to invest in state-of-the-art CSOVs is a testament to the strength of CMB.TECH’s hydrogen know-how. Not only have Damen Shipyards been a tremendous collaborator, but I’m convinced that we’ll be working together for a long time. We’re proud of you, team!

“It is a great joy for Damen Shipyards to join forces with CMB.TECH. We share the same values, we are true family companies and we recognize that collaboration is essential for sustainable growth. Our combined teams can bring this strong presence in the offshore renewables sector, further strengthening our successful relationship” – Arnout Damen, CEO Damen Shipyards.

State-of-the art CSOVs

Windcat is proud to release the latest designs in vessels. We’re able to surpass current market expectations by integrating advancements that are already in the market and still planning for the future.

CMB Technologies, Windcat Offshore and Damen Group have been collaborating to develop the Elevation Series of Catamarans. They are a game-changing design that will lead the sector in exploring hydrogen as a fuel source while delivering best-in-class performance and superior flexibility. The new class of catamaran is aimed at addressing offshore industry’s needs for utilizing more energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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