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Gasum Signs Agreement to Enhance Global LNG Bunker Supply

Gasum, Pavilion Energy and the CNOOC Gas and Power Group signed an agreement to strengthen the global LNG bunkering network. The three companies are responsible for serving the bunkers in Singapore, Europe and China.

Partnership will help supply chain customers improve efficiency and reduce costs by tapping into the world’s strongest logistics capabilities as well as a deep understanding of LNG bunkering operations.

The agreement establishes links across key LNG-bunker ready ports in the Baltic and North Sea. It also highlights important Chinese ports such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Ningbo, as well as popular Singapore ports.

Leveraging existing cooperation

A partnership between Gasum and Pavilion Energy has been signed, an extension of one already in place to collaborate on building the LNG bunker supply network in Singapore and Northern Europe. CNOOC’s participation will boost this industry alliance, and it encourages the uptake of LNG as a cleaner marine fuel, staying in line with the International Maritime Organization’s green agenda, in addition to being great for the environment.

As part of its global vision, Pavilion Energy partnered with Gasum to offer energy solutions to customers who need it most. With this partnership, Gasum has access to a business in the maritime industry that needs to transition over to cleaner forms of power.

Gasum and Pavilion Energy are delighted to deepen their existing cooperation, and through the collaboration of these two world-class partners, contribute to further customers’ access and demand for efficient, competitive, and optimized LNG bunkering solutions.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pavilion and Gasum,” said Rongwang Zhang, Vice President General Counsel & CCO of CNOOC Gas and Power Group. “This tripartite cooperation is a crucial measure for us to develop a worldwide LNG bunkering supply network.”

Gasum is the biggest distributor of LNG in northern Europe. With over 1,300 truck and ship-to-ship deliveries in its complete value chain, Gasum ensures that LNG and LBG are delivered effectively and consistently to North West Europe and the Nordics.

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