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Kongsberg Maritime Wins NOK300mln Contract For New  CSOVs

Kongsberg Maritime has received a contract from Pelagic Wind Services for two CSOVs to be built at the Cochin Shipyard in India. The new vessels will be able to operate safely and efficiently in any situation with a low environmental footprint, designed with an emphasis on safety, comfort and wellbeing for crew and technicians. They are also built to meet soaring customer demand by offering superior accommodation conditions.

Kongsberg Maritime is a company that creates unique and efficient vessels. They’re focused on sustainable operation, safety and efficiency, which makes them the perfect candidate to work with Pelagic Wind Services on this next-generation vessel.

This package includes a complete hybrid propulsion system driving highly efficient, permanent magnet azimuth thrusters. The ship also features next-generation automation, deck machinery, power electrical systems, instruments and bridge consoles.

Scientists can now make innovations that will deliver significant environmental and operational benefits, including the possibility of conducting port operations without the need for diesel engines.

Sreejith KN, Director (Operations) of Cochin Shipyard, says “We are proud and honored to partner with Kongsberg Maritime. This shows great courage and willingness from the Customer to invest in a unique and exciting segment that offers an exciting future for both the vessel design and equipment outfitting.”

The new 56 megawatt turbine for UT 5519 HL Offshore Wind Turbine – and the flotilla of accompanying equipment – is a significant move in the Norwegian wind power sector, according to Kongsberg Maritime. In the renewable energy segment, the company works closely with local partners to decrease the environmental impact of their projects. Their latest achievement emphasizes this commitment. The deliveries of the vessels will happen in 2025.

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