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Carisbrooke Shipping

The Most Eco-Friendly Shipping Company Reveals CO2 Emission Reduction Strategy

A company called Carisbrooke Shipping has saved over 600 tons of Co2 emissions by using Wärtsilä’s Fleet Optimization Solution or FOS. Carisbrooke has been able to use the platform to gather insights that have supported the company in its objectives for reducing carbon emissions and ensuring fleet performance, which is core to their broader strategy.

Carisbrooke’s Fleet Operations Centre is responsible for monitoring vessels, advising on maximizing cargo intake, and monitoring vessel safety and performance. The company has reviewed around 25 vessels per day and optimizes 20 voyages per month. With this insight, the company saves fuel by 5-7% making it possible to continue its carbon footprint reduction goals.

Carisbrooke’s Fleet Operations Centre staff have more insight into their company’s globally-sailing fleet. The solution allows them to compare performance metrics between sister vessels and monitor the impact of new hull coatings and clean technologies, both of which have an impact on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Although the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulation is just around the corner, less than 2% of shipping companies have their CII ratings assessed. This can mean a loss of revenue for data-driven shipping companies like Carisbrooke Shipping. Even though compliance to the regulation is important, it’s also important to stay ahead of the game in order to find ways to make informed decisions on how to improve your rating. It’s critical to pursue solutions that are cost-effective, innovative and sustainable in order to reap high returns and promote global action on climate change.

FOS is a platform that provides a holistic suite of products and services to support users in their digitalisation goals. It does this by attracting greater transparency, enabling accountability, and providing standardized data to ensure discussions across ship operations. By doing so, the shipping industry’s wealth of data can be used effectively and efficiently, which helps with compliance, safety, efficiency and continues to help the environment- all while ensuring that your business grows!

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