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Edda Wind's Fleet

Edda Wind’s Fleet Has Been Growing To Ten Vessels

Today Edda Wind announced that the company has ordered a Commissioning Service Operation Vessel (CSOV) from Gondan Shipbuilders. This is book number six in the series built at Gondan, in addition to the existing vessels Edda Passat and Edda Mistral.

A new type of vessel will soon be arriving in the vicinity of South Korea’s southern coast. It is an offshore wind farm support vessel that was developed to provide technological services for the commissioning and operation of offshore wind farms.

Edda Wind has a strong track record and has been operating in the wind industry since 2015. The company will have a fleet of ten purpose-built vessels in order to meet imperative customer needs. These include Vestas, Ørsted, Ocean Breeze, SSE and SiemensGamesa.

The newbuild will be made of Salt 0474 design, a further development of the Salt 0217 design. It’ll be delivered in April 2025, and you’ll also have an option to order one more vessel from the yard.

“We’re pleased to order a CSOV, which is the first one to be built by our yard outside of the Barents Sea. Its proven model proves its reliability and efficiency with the experience we gained with the vessels being constructed there. In general, the offshore wind industry has seen an increase in shipbuilding prices of about 20% year-on-year, so we are satisfied at having placed this CSOV order – which represents a total ready for sea cost in the low €60 million range. This included a very high standard in line with Edda Wind’s philosophy – for example, hydrogen-ready, Voith Schneider propulsion, highest standard of accommodation as well as extensive energy optimizations solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions. The equity portion of this investment is fully funded by our recent capital raise during our IPO. We have a clear ambition to grow the fleet beyond this ten seat vessel order in accordance with our strategy that aims to maintain Edda Wind as a leading C/SOV company,” says Kenneth Walland, CEO of Edda Wind

“When I think about the greenhouse gasses that are emitted from my boat, it hurts to see the sort of pollution that is created on every transit. This has been a personal goal for me. To create a more environmentally friendly vessel, we’re developing designs that rely on renewable energy sources and reduce emissions to a minimum” says Kenneth Walland.

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