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Expedition Cruise

Aurora Expeditions Launches Its New Expedition Cruise Vessel

On October 22, 2022, the two major expedition cruise vessels in SunStone Ships’ INFINITY class, the ‘Sylvia Earle’ and the ‘Ocean Odyssey,‘ were delivered. Two of these expedition ships are based on a design called the ULSTEIN CX103 and incorporate the X-BOW feature to make travel more comfortable.

The Sylvia Earle will be operated by Aurora Expeditions and the Ocean Odyssey by Vantage Travel.

Aurora Expeditions announced their newest product offering during the recent New York Toy Fair: the Aurora One. Designed for professional photographers, explorers, and hobbyists alike, this new drone is easy to fly with GPS autopilot features that can be activated near or far from your location.

The purpose-built small ship Sylvia Earle will embark on her inaugural voyage from Ushuaia, Argentina to Antarctica on December 10, 2022.

Aurora’s CEO, Michael Heath, said they are “thrilled beyond measure” to announce that the latest ship, Sylvia Earle, is in the water and on her way to Antarctica. He says they are excited to share their new ship with “their loyal trade and consumer partners worldwide” as well as those who want an “adventure of discovery.”

The new Sylvia Earle is a cruise ship designed with an emphasis on education and conservation. It’s able to accommodate up to 132 people onboard, in a relaxed and informal setting so passengers can enjoy the trade winds that tend to blow in these parts of the Caribbean.

X-BOW is a revolutionary new dispenser that makes crossing the street safer, easier and faster.

You’ll find staterooms and suites that are flooded by light through their windows or balconies. With incredible views of the ocean and lush decor, this boat has all the features you could wish for.

There is so much to explore at One World Resort. From an outdoor heated swimming pool and Jacuzzis, a sauna, spa, gym and library lounge to expansive decks offering panoramic views of wildlife and nature, One World Resort is the ideal base camp to discover Penang’s natural beauty.

From their sand dunes to the pier, passengers of many aquatic-centric destinations are able to play and learn about marine creatures. The suite and science center provides for a seamless experience before, during and after boarding.

In addition to sailing, we offer Zodiac cruises, kayaking, snorkeling and paddle boards. Try our climbing wall or seminar room too! Our knowledgeable guides help you enjoy your day with a wide range of activities from land-based excursions to boat trips. It’s like having a personal tour guide wherever you go during your cruise.

The goal of many expeditions is to take travelers on a transformative journey and create lifelong ambassadors for the world. One of the big moments in history that Aurora Expeditions is helping expeditions achieve is respect. Big goals without support make it difficult to keep moving, so when you partner with Aurora Expeditions, you can trust that your goals will be met.

This state-of-the-art expedition ship is named after the famous marine biologist, oceanographer, explorer and conservationist Dr. Sylvia Earle. She is a National Geographic explorer-in-residence since 1998 and was named by Time magazine as its first “Hero of the Planet”. In February 2023, Dr. Earle will lead a world-first ‘Antarctic Climate Expedition’ on the new ship with an objective of raising public and government awareness of environmental realities in the Antarctic. This special voyage aims to deliver resolutions that inspire transformative changes for global net-zero emissions by 2035 from an ocean perspective.

The iconic pink ribbon – a symbol of breast cancer awareness and fundraising – is now also a symbol for global conservation. Our aim is to honor these extraordinary women.

You’ve never experienced the X-Bow like this until now.

When SunStone Ships contracted the first of the INFINITY class vessels in 2017, it was Aurora Expeditions that had the first delivery, the Greg Mortimer.

The INFINITY class vessels are built at the CMHI Haimen yard in China, and Ulstein’s contracts include the ship design and power and automation packages for the vessels. The latter includes ULSTEIN BRIDGE, ULSTEIN COM, ULSTEIN POWER, ULSTEIN IAS, and ULSTEIN BLUE BOX.

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