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CEVA Logistics Enters Long-Term Lease Agreement for Four Deep-Sea, Dual-Fuel Hybrid RORO Vessels

CEVA Logistics, a global logistics and supply chain management company, has announced a significant step towards sustainability and efficiency by entering into a long-term lease agreement for four deep-sea, dual-fuel hybrid Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) vessels. This strategic move allows CEVA Logistics to enhance its ocean freight capabilities while reducing its environmental footprint. In this article, we will explore the details of this lease agreement, the advantages of the dual-fuel hybrid technology, and the potential impact on the shipping industry.

CEVA Logistics’ Commitment to Sustainability

CEVA Logistics’ decision to lease deep-sea, dual-fuel hybrid RORO vessels showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability. By investing in greener technologies, CEVA Logistics aims to reduce its carbon emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future for the shipping industry. This move aligns with the company’s broader efforts to minimize its environmental impact and support the transition towards eco-friendly logistics solutions.

Dual-Fuel Hybrid Technology: Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Emissions

The dual-fuel hybrid technology employed in the RORO vessels offers several advantages over traditional propulsion systems. These vessels can operate on both traditional fuel and liquefied natural gas (LNG), significantly reducing emissions compared to conventional vessels. The use of LNG as a fuel source reduces sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, as well as particulate matter, resulting in cleaner and more environmentally friendly operations.

Improved Ocean Freight Capabilities: Enhancing CEVA Logistics’ Services

The addition of deep-sea, dual-fuel hybrid RORO vessels to CEVA Logistics’ fleet enhances the company’s ocean freight capabilities. These vessels are specifically designed for the efficient transport of wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, and construction machinery. By utilizing these specialized vessels, CEVA Logistics can offer more reliable and cost-effective solutions for its customers’ transportation needs, particularly for oversized or heavy cargoes.

Long-Term Lease Agreement: Ensuring Operational Stability

The long-term lease agreement for the four dual-fuel hybrid RORO vessels provides CEVA Logistics with operational stability and flexibility. This arrangement allows the company to access modern, environmentally friendly vessels without the capital investment required for ownership. By partnering with a trusted leasing provider, CEVA Logistics can focus on delivering high-quality logistics services while optimizing its fleet composition to meet evolving market demands.

Industry Impact: Encouraging Sustainability in Shipping

CEVA Logistics’ decision to operate deep-sea, dual-fuel hybrid RORO vessels sets a positive example for the shipping industry. As more companies embrace greener technologies, the industry as a whole can reduce its environmental impact and work towards achieving sustainability goals. CEVA Logistics’ commitment to operating these vessels demonstrates that sustainable practices and business growth can go hand in hand, inspiring other industry players to explore eco-friendly alternatives.


CEVA Logistics’ long-term lease agreement for four deep-sea, dual-fuel hybrid RORO vessels signifies a significant milestone in the company’s sustainability journey. By investing in advanced technologies and embracing greener solutions, CEVA Logistics is not only enhancing its ocean freight capabilities but also reducing its environmental footprint. This move exemplifies the company’s commitment to sustainable logistics practices and serves as an inspiration for the wider shipping industry to adopt eco-friendly technologies. Through this strategic decision, CEVA Logistics sets the stage for a more sustainable and efficient future in global shipping.

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