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Crowley Launches Multi-Modal Service Connecting Mexico, U.S. Midwest, and Canada

Crowley, a leading global logistics company, is set to launch a new multi-modal service that will connect Mexico, the U.S. Midwest, and Canada. This strategic partnership between Crowley and CN, a North American railway company, aims to provide efficient and seamless transportation solutions for customers across the region. In this article, we will explore the details of this new service, the benefits it offers, and its impact on trade and logistics in North America.

The Crowley-CN Partnership: Enhancing Connectivity

The partnership between Crowley and CN represents a significant development in the logistics industry. By leveraging their respective expertise and networks, the companies aim to improve connectivity and create efficient transportation solutions for customers. This collaboration opens up new opportunities for trade and strengthens supply chain links between Mexico, the U.S. Midwest, and Canada.

Multi-Modal Service: Seamlessly Integrating Transport Modes

The multi-modal service offered by Crowley and CN will seamlessly integrate various modes of transportation, including ocean shipping, rail, and trucking. This comprehensive approach allows for the efficient movement of goods from manufacturing centers in Mexico to consumer markets in the U.S. Midwest and Canada. By optimizing the use of different transport modes, customers can benefit from cost-effective and reliable supply chain solutions.

Mexico-U.S. Midwest-Canada Corridor: Boosting Trade Flows

The launch of this multi-modal service has significant implications for trade flows in the North American region. Mexico is a major manufacturing hub, while the U.S. Midwest and Canada serve as crucial consumer markets. The new transportation route offered by Crowley and CN will facilitate the movement of goods between these key regions, stimulating trade and economic growth. It provides businesses with greater access to markets and enables the efficient distribution of products.

Efficiency and Reliability: Advantages for Customers

The partnership between Crowley and CN aims to provide customers with enhanced efficiency and reliability in their supply chains. By leveraging CN’s extensive rail network and Crowley’s expertise in logistics and freight management, the multi-modal service ensures streamlined operations, reduced transit times, and improved delivery performance. Customers can expect faster and more cost-effective transportation solutions, leading to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Transportation: Reducing Environmental Footprint

In addition to efficiency and reliability, the multi-modal service emphasizes sustainability. Crowley and CN are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of transportation by promoting sustainable practices. By utilizing rail and other environmentally friendly modes of transport, the service helps reduce carbon emissions and supports the industry’s transition towards greener logistics solutions.


The launch of Crowley’s multi-modal service in partnership with CN marks an important milestone in the logistics industry. This collaboration connects Mexico, the U.S. Midwest, and Canada, opening up new trade opportunities and strengthening supply chain links in North America. The integration of various transport modes enables efficient and reliable transportation solutions, benefiting businesses and consumers alike. Furthermore, the focus on sustainability demonstrates the commitment of Crowley and CN towards environmentally responsible logistics practices. With this new service, customers can expect enhanced connectivity, improved efficiency, and reduced environmental impact, fostering trade growth and driving economic development in the region.

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