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Viking's New Cruise Ship

Viking’s New Cruise Ship, Which Is Equipped With Hydrogen Fuel Cells Delivered Excellent Results

Adding to the history between Fincantieri and Viking, Fincantieri delivered the new cruise ship Viking Neptune on 10 November in Ancona, Italy. This is the ninth vessel in its class and marks a quantum leap of cooperation between Titanic, who designed the vessel, and Fincatieri for their environmentally-considerate travel plans.

The ship has been given a huge power output of 100 kW. It is equipped with hydrogen fuel cells that can provide the power needed, even in extreme conditions. The launch process took place in January this year for the first time.

The company is focused on trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is currently growing at an alarming rate. It is projected that with the newest technology fitted on the ship, they will be able to achieve an increasing reduction of greenhouse gasses.

The partners have designed an enlarged vessel configuration, which defines the spaces and arrangement for accommodating the increased size of hydrogen tanks, fuel cell systems, and other auxiliary equipment.

Fincantieri and NOA have developed hydrogen-based systems for the second step. The large-scale development will use their experience to ensure smokeless port operation and slow steaming navigation.

Despite being a submarine builder, Fincantieri has found success launching this new SMART proposal. In doing so, they’ve tapped into a patent-pending business idea that punishes underwater noise pollution.

Last month, the companies confirmed contracts for four more next-generation environmentally friendly vessels. They put into effect their third and fourth contracts, which are part of six options announced in March 2018.

The duo has also signed contracts for the fifth and sixth units, which are subject to access to financing; deliveries are scheduled for 2026, 2027, and two in 2028.

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