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Travel Gurus Notice Advantages of Cruise Line Companies Expanding Scope of Private Islands

Private islands operated by several cruise line companies have long been a staple of Caribbean itineraries. It enables cruisers to enjoy several days of sun and sand in an exclusive area just right of their ship. Also, the activities and amenities that are waiting for everyone are greatly expanding and diversifying.

To date, cruise line companies are becoming more competitive in dealing with private islands. According to Tanner Callais, the founder of the cruise site Cruzely, it is an advantage if a cruise company has a unique island wherein, they can maximize its use to win and attract potential customers. If a certain cruise line has an extraordinary island then the others need to stand out and step up their game.

According to destinations editor of Cruise Critic, Brittany Chrusciel, the island concept ranging from theme park attractions and also provide opportunity on meditative wellness to ecotourism. The given approach strongly reflects the branding of a particular cruise line company. Through investing in a private island, they are also trying to create a genuine extension of their onboard offerings and vacation experience as a whole. Several factors greatly influence how and why cruises book a certain itinerary or vacation. Private islands are just one ideal way to differentiate one cruise line from the other.

On the other hand, the CEO of the travel agency franchise group Cruise Planners, Michelle Fee has a similar approach as there are various island destinations in the Caribbean that a ship can be able to sail into wherein all ships also sail to the same islands. With that, it allows a certain cruise line company to differentiate itself from the others and to infuse their personality.

As more cruise line companies invest in private islands, private islands are proving to be a desirable port offering for many cruisers. It indeed gives an opportunity to slow down and relax and not to be so much pressure to jam-pack their day in a certain port. Moreover, they can use their downtime to slow down and decompress. Heading to the downside, there are some instances that cruise lines create over-tourism problems on private islands. It is a fact that cruises do valued private islands. However, there are also some frustrations reported if there are many ships docked at a private island all at the same time. If that’s the case, cruisers might feel the exclusive experience promised by their cruise line provider.

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