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The Norwegian cruise company is reportedly training its sales representative to mislead potential customers

Due to this new illness outbreak, the tourism industry is struggling. With that, the Norwegian Cruise Line managers trained its salespeople and other employees to make use of misleading inputs about the risks of the novel coronavirus to secure bookings.

The novel coronavirus has greatly affected almost the majority of the business around the globe and the travel and tourism industry is said to be one of the hardest-hit financially speaking.

According to some reports, some leaked emails showed that a particular Senior Manager of Norwegian Cruise Line is encouraging its salespeople to reply to those potential passengers who voice out their apprehension and concerns about this health issue with misleading scripted responses.

The templated reply urged its passengers to book as soon as possible with Norwegian Cruise Line because the demand is surging and as a result, prices could be much expensive. However, across the cruise line industry, the opposite of the scenario is happening.

To date, several governing bodies and authorities have instructed everyone especially those with underlying health conditions to avoid traveling via cruise ship. As a result, cruise line companies reported that they received fewer bookings.

One of the Norwegian Cruise Line employees told the reporters that series of conversations during company meetings downplayed the weight of this new illness outbreak. And as per seen on the majority of the written responses, it indeed contains misleading and unconfirmed information. One evidence is that according to their responses, the new novel coronavirus can only survive in cold temperatures that’s why the Caribbean is one of the best choices for one’s next cruise vacation. They reiterate that scientists together with the health professionals have confirmed that warm weather can end the coronavirus. Lastly, they spread the idea that the novel coronavirus cannot live in warm or tropical temperatures where your next cruise will be heading to.

However, according to the statement released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, scientists, as well as medical experts, have not yet to confirm how the new novel coronavirus will react to warmer temperatures.

According to the Norwegian cruise line employee that communicates with the reporters, this cruise line company is still pushing to boost bookings despite the outbreak and could fire those employees who don’t meet sales quotas. Until now, the Norwegian Cruise Line did not respond nor comment on this issue.

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