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The Latest Technology on Cruise Ships

Celebrity Edge’s state of the art facilities and high-tech designs stands out among the rest, making you feel at home even on board.

Several mariners often describe cruise ships as big cities at sea. Meaning to say, there’s a strong Wi-Fi connection, food delivery services in one phone call, and even homes with voice-activated assistants namely Alexa, Siri, and even Google to answer one’s queries. Nowadays, several cruise companies have developed technology that makes people feel like at home while exploring their preferred holiday destinations. They have integrated various new tools and applications to further enhance the cruise experience. Such features not only make life easier for the guests but also for its crew to keep things moving smoothly.

Technology plays a vital role in every element of the cruise experience in terms of enabling things to be faster, easier and even more fun as per the statement released by Emma Le Teace who is known for its blog Cruising isn’t just for old people. To date, the majority of the cruise line companies offer downloadable apps that allow its guests to tailor and make necessary adjustments on their cruise experience.

Is it the time to bid goodbye to the cruise card? Well, it has been being used for more than ten years now. To function on a cruise, each guest needs a card to access rooms, and even pay meals. Last October, Carnival unveiled the Sky Princess which is the company’s first ship built. It is specifically constructed to support the company’s Ocean Medallion technology. The said technology is a circular pendant that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace if the guest preferred. It can also be kept in a pocket, depending on one’s choice. The idea revolves around always having the medallion without having to think about it. It can unlock a stateroom door but does not need to be charged or turned on. It can also be used to pay for meals and settle bills through the app on their phones. Besides, the medallion’s Ocean Compass allows guests to track their friends and family on their phones.

A few weeks before the most-waited voyage, the guest will receive the medallion in their inbox. That’s the time that they can go online to upload the necessary information and download several apps that they’d liked to use onboard. Some of the apps are similar to Netflix and Uber Eats.

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