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China is about to have the World’s Largest River Cruise Ship

China’s cruise line industry continues to expand. In line with this, the world’s largest river cruise ship is set to visit the country next year. The U.S-based Victoria Cruises’ Victoria Sabrina will set sail on China’s Yangtze River on springtime while utilizing environmentally friendly technologies.

Victoria Sabrina, one of the most super-sized opulent ships to ever created features staterooms with the smallest having 275 square feet of space, private balconies with modern designs combined with the traditional Chinese-inspired characteristics.

The majority of the people are aware that China’s Yangtze River is claimed to be the third-largest river in the world and the largest inland body of water in China. Passengers can expect to get an overview of the Three Gorges Dam which is known as the world’s largest hydropower project ever made.

As per the manager of public relations and customer service for Victoria Cruise Lines, Larry Greenman, Victoria Sabrina will be the first-ever ship to take full advantage of the increased water level of the Yangtze River as a result of the Three Gorges Dam project.

Passengers can experience a one of kind experience. If they prefer, they can book the Shangri-La Suites which is 915 square feet with a balcony clocking in at 1,320 square feet. This includes a luxury amenity package such as a free Wi-Fi connection and an exclusive happy hour. This cruise ship has a total of 286 passenger staterooms and can accommodate more than 600 passengers. What’s more unique about this is its enable its passengers to dig deeper into the panoramic vistas and even the vibrant culture and traditions of the region and its people.

Besides, Victoria Sabrina has an open-air observation deck, mood lighting, and even a dreamy modern tree sculpture. Other modern touches incorporated include the lit-up stairs. The designs also portray a balance aspect between the Asian culture and Western culture. Its menu, on the other hand, is created and designed to attract western palates. Every turn will be a surprise on how every detail is given equal importance to make this luxury ship unique and stand out among its competitors.

China has a plan to become the world’s largest cruise travel market by 2030 and the country is making necessary efforts and steps to achieve one of their ultimate goals. The said statement was cited from the Shanghai International Shipping Institute.

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