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The First Regular Ferry From Turkey Reached Novorossiysk in December

DeloPorts Port Holding and RUSCON Freight Forwarding Group received and handled the first regular ferry on November 26, 2022. The purpose of the ferry is to increase cargo traffic with Turkey. The Barbaros Ferry, chartered by RUSCON, delivered 57 trucks with semis to Novorossiysk.

Once the truck drivers passed border control and sealed the trailers with navigation seals, they departed for the RUSCON-2 remote site in the Novorossiysk suburbs. The remaining types of Russian Federation state border control were organized at the site.

What makes the new cargo handling process so successful? With the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Customs Service, and more in attendance, it’s benefiting from less time-consuming operations. That means an increase in ferry calls with improved cargo turnover for Russia. Before this new process launched, NUTEP Container Terminal only received one ferry per week from Turkey. Now it’s expecting three ferries a week with 100 trucks capacity each.

Delo Group is a transportation and logistics company with their own fleet. The base company is Delo Management Company, which operates in the Azov-Black Sea, Baltic, and Far Eastern basins. They also maintain a network of railway container terminals and a fleet of containers that are fitted with platforms.

The Group’s transport and logistics business is made up of RUSCON and TransContainer, while the shipping business is represented by SASCO. These companies provide multimodal transport and intermodal container services, allowing the Group to successfully enter a new branch.

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