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Berge Maritime Technology Unveils Blueprint for Ideal Crew Transfer Vessel Design

One key priority of BMT is helping our customers keep construction costs low. That’s why we spend a lot of time making the design easy to build and less expensive for you.

This latest hull design is built on years of experience in designing vessels like this. It offers excellent seakeeping for the toughest conditions with a particular hull feature: The Z-Bow. This hull design has been used to successfully build many BMT in-service vessels.

Boatbuilders understand the importance of crew and workers’ safety and comfort. That’s why BMT has designed this boat to allow easy accessibility and functionality. The wheelhouse has been designed to provide outstanding visibility for transfers, while the superstructure is resiliently mounted and reduces noise and vibrations

The ship is 33 meters long and 105 feet wide. It’s been made larger to have more room for cargo, so it can carry more equipment during the windfarm construction phases.

This design features BMT’s patented and latest-generation Active Fender System, a key safety feature that increases the efficiency of transfers when a wider range of sea states are present. It reduces impact damage to vessel or turbine structures, and provides customers with higher-quality service during challenging seas.

“We’ve done something very different with the design of naval vessels. Our team is one of the top contributors in the industry and has designed more than 60 vessels currently in-service in Asia, Europe, and the USA,” says Jonathan Cotgreave, BMT’s lead naval architect. “This ship design is really innovative. We’re going to offer a major step towards net zero by using solar power and other new technologies.”

BMT provides vessel design services to boatyards all over the world. We are an independent, international company with a specialist team including naval architects, engineers, 3D modelers, and project managers. We use advanced software when designing to produce the best engineering output possible.

We pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in design and naval architecture. With this knowledge, we provide quality at any stage of your project. From early concept and feasibility studies to detailed production engineering, commissioning, and refit. We support our customers with their whole vessel life cycle from procurement to vessel life extension and replacement programs.

BMT is a pioneering new generation ship design company. As one of the renowned naval architecture firms, BMT offers an industry-leading track record of designing award-winning vessels that ensure fuel efficiency and emissions reduction through intelligent power management. BMT’s specialist, independent design services support a diverse range of boat builders and operators around the world.

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