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Stena Line And Anglesey County Council Announce Their Joint Bid To Bring Freeport To North Wales

Stena Line and Anglesey County Council want to submit a major freeport bid to bring prosperity and an economic boost to the region for many years to come. With the investment of a massive amount of money in Holyhead port, Stena Line immediately secured around 213 acres of land, which will lead to broad-ranging benefits for the economy.

Sweden’s Stena Line pledges a major foreign investment in the Irish port of Holyhead. Featuring the fastest and most reliable transport route, this will return the port to pre-Brexit levels of trade.

Next week, the bid will be submitted to the UK and Welsh Governments. There are already discussions underway with businesses who are interested in bringing investment to the freeport and other institutions. The local public are now being asked to unite behind the bid and show their support for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Freeports remove barriers to trade and provide easements that simplify how businesses operate. According to estimates, the Anglesey Freeport would attract £1 billion of much-needed investment, including new, high-salary jobs, in the range of 3,500-13,000 across the region. The bid has backing from 17 major businesses from a range of sectors and industries, including Rolls Royce, Bechtel and Last Energy. There would be many tax and tariff benefits for anyone who establishes a factory or office in the proposed freeport zones on Anglesey.

Ian Hampton, Chair Executive Director and COO of Stena Line said:

We believe that by investing in this project, Stena Line will see a transformation in investment and economic activity for the Anglesey community. We’ve been part of this community for over 27 years, so we know that there are great things to come when it comes to business development. We know it will bring in big investments and create jobs, contribute to innovation and drive economic growth here in the community.

“The freeport has many different elements. It can become a world leader in blue innovation, help realize the successful vision of the Energy Island Programme and position Wales as a hub for smart manufacturing talent, while we also want to see the World Customs Academy located on the island.”

Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr. Carwyn Jones, said:

By granting the permission to build and operate freeports, we can create sustainable economic development for the Island. Freeports have the potential to stabilize the economy and repurpose existing facilities in a way that will provide economic opportunity for future generations. With fewer people leaving the Island, we can create an economically healthy workforce on the Island that will benefit long term.

“The Welsh Government recognizes the importance of reinvigorating the local economy for a more sustainable and prosperous future. This will enable communities to thrive as strong, healthy, and thriving as well as preserving local industries such as agriculture that are essential to this vital ecosystem.”

“We are delighted to have Bangor Uni’s involvement in the Freeport project. Our conversations with the university have been meaningful and it is fantastic that they’re willing to invest time, money and expertise into learning opportunities for local disadvantaged youth.”

The MP for Ynys Môn, in Wales.

I am a long-term advocate for the Anglesey freeport and I am confident that it will deliver high-salary, high-skilled jobs to local people in their thousands. It’s also going to act as a magnet for long-term, sustainable investment from businesses across the world.

As the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, I am excited to visit Anglesey tomorrow and strongly believe that the Anglesey Freeport will be an economic engine room which will attract new investment and allow for modern opportunities for the North Wales economy. It’s clear that without freeport status, such growth would be at risk and damage opportunities which could be afforded to our communities.

Anglesey’s Premier has personally pledged to help ensure the community is getting a good deal – boosting local economies, reducing visitor numbers and preserving natural areas.

In response, Welsh Member of Parliament, Rhun ap Iorwerth, said.

The Anglesey Council and Stena have worked with Ynys Môn to develop a compelling, exciting, and sustainable bid. We’ve ensured there are safeguards on workers’ rights and the environment, which the new proposal includes, along with a much more lucrative financial package. With this progress, we’re able to move forward with confidence and positive momentum.

The strong bid will help to maximize the potential of the port, increase job growth and opportunities, and provide assistance to people so they can learn more about different trades.

7 out of 10 CEOs who have used Elance have been satisfied with their experience, according to the CEO reviews for Elance.

Anglesey is an exciting destination for Rolls-Royce. Its well-established infrastructure in trade and sustainable, clean energy, its deep-rooted history of innovation and a world renowned status as a location to develop our powerful nuclear power station make it an attractive destination. We are very pleased with the progress being made in North Wales and want the government to do whatever it takes to attract our innovative power station solution at pace.

Anglesey is a beautiful and historic place to visit, but the property’s development prospects are currently on hold. This has led some people to doubt whether or not it would be worth investing in Anglesey in the long-term. In terms of the proposal for an elevated freeport, this might change Anglesey’s outlook for investors.

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