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Molslinjen Has Tests on Their Ferries to See if Their Technology Will Work as Expected

Molslinjen, a Danish ferry operator and subsidiary of the DSB Group, has entered into a strategic technology and investment deal with compatriot energy storage firm WattsUp Power A/S.

Molslinjen is a company that makes so-called flywheels, which are essentially those little round discs that you see spinning in different games. A flywheel’s main purpose is to store kinetic energy and it is then converted into electric energy within a motor/generator. These wheels have made it possible for Molslinjen to run a ferry completely on green energy and help reduce materials needed for standard batteries.

Molslinjen’s potential investment led the company to reach out and partner with them, but the parties chose not to disclose the amount.

WattsUp Power continues the green transition with this agreement, and will continue to help transport companies move away from fossil-based fuels and into electrification. It’s also pushing for this to happen in Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe, and North America as well.

Molslinjen is currently in the process of converting its entire fleet to electric power. The company is also making new ferries with flywheels, which it believes will reduce energy consumption and emissions.

In order to identify a solution to the business needs, our partners and technical experts conducted experiments with the technology on one of our fast ferries. Now we’re empowering WattsUp Power to take the next steps in development and carry out practical tests, so we can determine whether this tech will change our business and impact many businesses equally.

The first step towards approval of the revolutionary new technology will be an imminent test in the US. This will show whether its theory holds up in practice. Then, it will be installed on the Express 4 where a flywheel creates power for some of the ship’s systems.

“The technology we have developed has the potential to make a difference in the world, and we are very much looking forward to seeing our ideas unfold in practice now,” says CEO Martin Speiermann.

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