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Damen Has Delivered the Largest Dredger Ever Seen in Indonesia’s History

Damen Shipyards signed a contract to deliver a CSD650 earlier this month, which will be the largest stationary dredger owned by an Indonesian company.

Damen Shipyards signed a contract earlier this month to deliver a CSD 650 to an Indonesian dredging operator. This giant ship will be the largest stationary dredger owned by an Indonesian operator. It will operate in a port expansion project on the island of Kalimantan. A quick delivery was possible because of Damen’s stock program.

The Barito Equator, the largest hopper dredger in Indonesia, has been sold for an expansion that includes a 4,500 m3 cutter suction dredger. The new dredger will be able to reach unprecedented depths because it was built 10 years ago from Damen’s design package and will use the same technology as the CSD650.

Unprecedented depths

Damen’s CSD650 CSX is in a class of its own. It has a 70 m-long body and a 700 kW cutterhead that can work in water depths up to -25 m. Its versatile suction dredger incorporates an underwater pump, ensuring dredge productivity of up to 7,000 m3/h on average. The overall length is 70 m with 48 m-wide movement and a weight of 660 tons.

Gysbert Boersma, Damen Shipyard Sales Manager, confirms that the new dredger is being finalized and prepared for shipping from their shipyard. They will transport it to Indonesia early next year at a short notice to deliver the dredger in its entirety.

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