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Crew Welfare Is a Big Concern of Ours Here at Anglo-Eastern Since We Implement Inmarsat Fleet Hotspot Technology

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management has chosen Inmarsat to provide reliable, high-speed internet access for its seafarers. With more than 40 years of experience, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management knows the needs and challenges of ship operators worldwide.

As a leader in the maritime industry, we work to bring about positive change for the industry with our medium-sized global shipping company that provides state-of-the-art digital connectivity and cutting edge technology. Our operations are based on design pillars of Digitalization, Decarbonization and Crew Welfare which integrate well into the evolving demands of modern shipping. To meet these demands, we use Inmarsat Fleet Xpress services.

Inmarsat’s Fleet Hotspot became one of the first companies to sign up for it. This award-winning service is perfect for professional seafarers who need reliable and high-speed connectivity, and have the freedom to use their devices onboard at any time. In addition, they double the free internet allowance on holidays and set aside a special ‘Day of the Seafarer’ where they increase it even more.

Captain Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director of QHSE and Training at Anglo-Eastern Ship Management commented that one of their main objectives as a company is to improve the quality of life at sea. They’re also focused on providing internet access similar to what you would have on land. That’s why they offer seafarers with an Inmarsat Fleet Hotspot account each month.

With so many seafarers using their smartphones and tablets, shipping companies need to offer them a high-quality internet connection. Inmarsat Fleet Hotspot provides a user-friendly portal that makes it easier for crews to monitor their usage and get connected using the devices they’ve been using at home. Recent enhancements to the site have made these features even more intuitive than before, so crew can top up their data balance prior to boarding the ship too.

Many businesses take onboard Wi-Fi for granted, but it can be hard to come by at sea due to the impact of Fleet Hotspot. As a proponent of the well-being of seafarers, the Mission to Seafarers has praised Fleet Hotspot for its “outstanding contribution to maritime personnel” since last year. In their 2021 Happiness Index report, which is compiled from anonymous interviews with more than 20,000 seafarers worldwide, onboard connectivity was deemed a top amenity and continues to be listed on their “critical items”.

Attitudes have shifted significantly in recent years, thanks to an increase of flexibility and more flexible work arrangements. Many employers are allowing staff to work remotely, as well as provide additional amenities that shipowners require. With the developments happening in this domain, it’s apparent that the industry is progressing at a rapid rate.

When it comes to hiring crew members, the maritime industry has struggled with a “talent crunch” for some time. The situation has only worsened by the pandemic and the resulting crew-change crisis and geopolitical uncertainty. Now, owners and managers are working with a smaller pool of talent as competition for these candidates becomes ever-stronger. To stand out from the crowd, companies must place more emphasis on internet access on board than they do on their business-critical connectivity – and Fleet Hotspot makes this easy.

Fleet Xpress users will be able to take advantage of Fleet Hotspot. This allows more advanced and efficient operations, providing access to a broad portfolio of Inmarsat connectivity services.

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