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The logistics of the world are depending on the different transport options, it can travel by airplane, by train, by truck and by boat. If you travel goods by boat, it is called ocean freight. Ocean freight is one of the most important ways of the global trade, without boats there would need to be a lot more planes to travel wares. This is because a boat is fairly larger than a plane, which makes it perfect for a lot of containers. In this blog we will tell you more about the key components of ocean freight.

What is ocean freight?

Let’s first talk about ocean freight in general, what is ocean freight exactly? With ocean freight you can transport goods from one place to another place in the world by boat. These boats are not your normal boats, these are massive boats that can hold a lot of containers. Traveling by boat is not the fastest option, but it is the option that can take on the most goods. A good logistic parnter which can deliver perfect service when it comes to ocean freight, is Broekman Logistics.

What are the key components?

Now that you know what ocean freight is, it is time to talk about the key components of ocean freight. As we said before, the ships contain a lot of containers, these containers come in all sorts of sizes, depending on how big the load is. In these containers there can be all sorts of things, from things you can wear, to toys for children. Ofcourse a boat can’t just go to the beach and load it’s containers there, they have special ports and terminals where they can do this. With other machines the containers can be picked up and moved around to different kinds of transport.

Why is ocean freight so important?

Ocean freight is really important, because it allows companies to ship their product over the whole wide world. Not everything can be traveled by trucks and busses, sometimes we will need bigger transportation options so that we don’t have to go back and forth to travel all the goods. The ships are especially crucial, because it allows companies to ship a lot of wares at the same time, and also across a long distance that is not possible with cars and trucks. Without ocean freight the global transport would have looked a lot different.

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