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Van Oord’s Land Reclamation Endeavor: Transforming Paldiski South Harbour with a New Quay in Estonia

Van Oord, a global marine contractor renowned for its expertise in dredging and land reclamation, has embarked on a transformative project in Estonia. The company has initiated land reclamation activities for the development of a new quay in Paldiski South Harbour. This ambitious undertaking not only showcases Van Oord’s commitment to innovative infrastructure solutions but also signifies a significant enhancement of maritime capabilities for the bustling harbor in Estonia.

The Paldiski South Harbour Project

The Paldiski South Harbour project represents a strategic move to expand and modernize Estonia’s maritime infrastructure. Van Oord, with its extensive experience in dredging and land reclamation projects worldwide, is playing a pivotal role in this transformative endeavor. The objective is to create a new quay that will cater to the growing demands of the shipping industry, fostering increased trade and economic development in the region.

Advanced Land Reclamation Techniques

Van Oord is employing cutting-edge land reclamation techniques to ensure the success of the Paldiski South Harbour project. The process involves carefully depositing sediments and materials to reclaim land from the sea, creating a stable foundation for the construction of the new quay. The use of innovative dredging technologies not only accelerates the reclamation process but also minimizes environmental impact, showcasing Van Oord’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Boosting Maritime Infrastructure

The development of a new quay in Paldiski South Harbour is poised to significantly enhance maritime infrastructure in Estonia. The expanded harbor facilities will accommodate larger vessels, streamline cargo handling operations, and contribute to the overall efficiency of maritime activities. This, in turn, is expected to bolster Estonia’s position as a key player in regional trade and shipping.

Economic Impact and Job Creation:

Beyond the immediate infrastructural benefits, the Paldiski South Harbour project holds the promise of positive economic impact and job creation in the region. The expansion of harbor facilities is likely to attract increased maritime traffic, leading to a surge in economic activities such as trade, logistics, and related services. Additionally, the construction phase of the project creates job opportunities, contributing to local employment and skill development.

Community Engagement and Environmental Stewardship

Van Oord recognizes the importance of community engagement and environmental stewardship in executing such transformative projects. The company is committed to working closely with local stakeholders, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding ecosystem and incorporating sustainable practices throughout the project lifecycle. This approach aligns with Van Oord’s broader commitment to responsible and environmentally conscious marine engineering.


Van Oord’s commencement of land reclamation for the new quay in Paldiski South Harbour marks a pivotal moment in the maritime development of Estonia. This project not only showcases the company’s technical prowess in dredging and land reclamation but also highlights its dedication to fostering sustainable infrastructure solutions. As the new quay takes shape, Paldiski South Harbour is poised to become a maritime hub, facilitating increased trade, economic growth, and job opportunities in the region. Van Oord’s involvement underscores its role as a key player in shaping the future of global maritime infrastructure.

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