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Usuki Shipyard

Usuki Shipyard Is Modernizing Their Ship Design Tools With a New Entry-Level 3D Modeling Tool

The Japanese shipping firm, Usuki Shipyard, has been expanding its use of NAPA’s ship design tools for over 8 years. They are now looking to expand their use of NAPA 3D Models in order to include the designing and building of onboard equipment.

Usuki Shipyard is one of the largest shipyards in the world, with over 350 employees and almost 300 subcontractors. They build up to six vessels a year, but their main product is a 19,000-tonne chemical tanker that breaks ground into a new world – one made of duplex stainless steel and steel layers. The company also designs other tankers and ferries for domestic use.

Usuki teaches skill development so that customers can focus on quality and satisfaction. We have a strong focus on quality control, ensuring our customers are happy with their products.

One of the responsibilities of The Basic Design Department is to design the hull of a vessel. To achieve this, they use NAPA and carry out all calculations required for hydrostatics and intact/damage stability inclining tests, sea trials, and the production of their stability booklet.

When traditional design platforms fail for you, NAPA’s solutions can handle these designs.

Streamlining the design process

NAPA has been helping many companies like Mr Motoki Kawagoe’s overcome the challenges of design calculations. With NAPA tools, they can save time and become more efficient. Due to the customizable nature of NAPA services, every client becomes uniquely tailored for their needs.

NAPA has been used for keel and hull design for some time now. Stability calculations also joined the program later on, further enhancing the usefulness of taglines. Now, NAPA Steel is being added for estimating block weights.

Kawagoe said, “There was a time when we had to use three different systems to create documentation. Now, with NAPA, we need only one system that works seamlessly.”

Maximizing the benefits of 3D models

Stainless steel can be very trendy when used in the right ways. NAPA Steel has the indisputable expertise and proven success when it comes to using stainless steel properly, predicting weight more accurately, and working on making shipbuilding plans before manufacturing them.

Napa Steel is an experienced and trusted finite elements (FE) software for ship structures. Our app allows you to connect seamlessly with all your class rule check packages. It provides users with fast and reliable numeric output such as weight and center of gravity calculations, bill of materials for early estimation of materials, welding lengths, early production load and cost estimation, and painting area calculation. All output can be easily customized for local requirements. The 3D interface also seamlessly works on external software such as SAP or Oracle EBS.

Ms Mieno of NAPA-SHIRAKAWA, a manufacturer of shipbuilding equipment, is talking about the company’s plans of integrating the block models created with software with other programs. The team will utilize the 3D block models exported from this software in order to simulate the process of building a ship on its virtual shipyard.

NAPA’s solutions are easy to learn and very intuitive. “It is not difficult to use the software,” says Mr Kawagoe.

When it comes to building a boat, not everyone has the same build process. Mr Takashi Yamamoto of Basic Design Section says that 3D models are exported to a 3D printing setup to create mock-ups for internal design reviews and customer gifts representing the built vessels.

NAPA is the industry-leading supplier when it comes to 3D design and modeling. With over 30 years of combined experience and expertise, we’re able to offer premium quality services capable of handling even the most demanding projects. The best product is one that’s safe, competitive and maximizes performance. We want you to be able to focus on your work, not create anything new.

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