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Setting Sail Towards a Sustainable Future: ClassNK Certifies the Inaugural Onboard CCS Installation on EVERGREEN’s Neopanamax Container Vessel

The maritime industry stands at the forefront of technological innovation to mitigate its environmental footprint. In a landmark achievement, ClassNK, a leading classification society, has certified the world’s first onboard Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) installation on EVERGREEN’s Neopanamax container vessel. This groundbreaking development signifies a pivotal step towards achieving carbon-neutral shipping operations and underscores the industry’s commitment to sustainability.

The Significance of Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology stands as a pivotal solution in the urgent battle against climate change, functioning as a linchpin in efforts to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions stemming from industrial processes. By intercepting CO2 emissions at their source, CCS serves as a critical barrier against the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, effectively curbing their contribution to global warming. This capability positions CCS as an indispensable tool in the overarching transition towards a low-carbon future, offering a tangible pathway to decarbonize various sectors of the economy. 

Furthermore, the application of CCS within the maritime sector represents a beacon of hope for significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with shipping activities, which currently constitute a substantial portion of global emissions. As such, the continued development and widespread implementation of CCS technology not only offer a means to combat climate change but also hold immense promise for fostering sustainability and resilience across industries worldwide, thereby paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

EVERGREEN’s Neopanamax Container Vessel: A Beacon of Innovation

EVERGREEN’s Neopanamax container vessel stands as an iconic symbol of the company’s unwavering dedication to both environmental stewardship and technological advancement within the maritime industry. Positioned as one of the foremost global container shipping companies, EVERGREEN has ingrained sustainability as a fundamental principle driving its operations, consistently pioneering the adoption of innovative solutions aimed at minimizing its environmental footprint. The installation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology on its Neopanamax vessel represents a monumental milestone in the company’s ongoing journey towards achieving carbon-neutral shipping operations. 

By strategically integrating CCS technology into its fleet, EVERGREEN not only demonstrates proactive leadership in addressing climate change but also showcases its commitment to embracing cutting-edge solutions that align with its sustainability objectives. This bold step underscores EVERGREEN’s role as a trailblazer in the maritime industry, setting a precedent for other shipping companies to follow suit in adopting sustainable practices and technologies that contribute to a more environmentally responsible future for global shipping operations.

ClassNK’s Certification: Upholding Safety and Reliability Standards

ClassNK’s certification of the onboard Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) installation not only signifies a milestone in maritime technology but also highlights the unwavering commitment of the classification society to uphold stringent safety and reliability standards. Renowned as a trusted authority in maritime classification, ClassNK assumes a crucial role in guaranteeing that vessels adhere to international regulations and industry-leading practices, thereby enhancing overall safety and environmental stewardship within the maritime sector. 

By certifying the world’s first onboard CCS installation, ClassNK not only demonstrates its dedication to fostering innovation but also underscores its prioritization of safety and environmental sustainability. This certification serves as a testament to ClassNK’s meticulous scrutiny and rigorous assessment processes, which ensure that cutting-edge technologies are implemented without compromising on safety or environmental integrity. Moreover, by setting a precedent with this certification, ClassNK paves the way for further advancements in maritime environmental technologies, encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices across the industry and reinforcing its pivotal role in shaping a safer, greener future for global shipping operations.

The Future of Carbon-Neutral Shipping

The successful certification of EVERGREEN’s Neopanamax vessel marks a significant milestone in the journey towards carbon-neutral shipping, setting a precedent for the widespread adoption of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology throughout the maritime industry. As regulatory frameworks continue to evolve, with increasing emphasis placed on incentivizing carbon-neutral shipping practices, more shipowners and operators are anticipated to explore the integration of CCS systems into their fleets. This paradigm shift towards sustainability not only reflects a collective commitment to achieving environmental goals but also presents compelling economic opportunities for companies that proactively embrace green technologies and demonstrate leadership in the transition towards a decarbonized future. 

Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, the adoption of CCS technology offers tangible benefits, including reduced operational costs over the long term and enhanced competitiveness in an increasingly sustainability-conscious market. Moreover, as industry stakeholders witness the successful implementation of CCS on EVERGREEN’s vessel, confidence in the feasibility and effectiveness of carbon-neutral shipping solutions is likely to grow, further catalyzing investment and innovation in sustainable maritime technologies. As such, the future of carbon-neutral shipping holds promise not only for mitigating the environmental impact of maritime activities but also for driving economic growth and fostering a more resilient and sustainable global shipping industry.


The certification of the world’s first onboard CCS installation on EVERGREEN’s Neopanamax container vessel by ClassNK marks a significant milestone in the maritime industry’s quest for sustainability. By harnessing innovative technologies and collaborating with industry stakeholders, shipowners and classification societies alike can drive positive change towards carbon-neutral shipping operations. As the global community strives to address the challenges of climate change, initiatives such as this pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient maritime sector.

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