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Mariners TMC Is Delivering Boil-off Gas Compressors to a Container Ship Conversion

The Singapore-based C-LNG Solutions has contracted TMC Compressors to install boil-off gas compressors at the Port of Clearfield in Utah, United States. They will be installed on a US-built container ship that is currently being converted to dual-fuel propulsion.

C-LNG Solutions is building a fuel gas supply system to the containership which will be owned by Matson Navigation. Under its contract, C-LNG will be providing a total of three 1350 cubic meter LNG fuel tanks with in-tank pumps and tank gauging systems, low-pressure vaporizers and buffer tanks, glycol/water heat exchangers and N2 purges.

TMC will provide boil-off gas compressors for C-LNG’s fuel gas supply system. These compressors are ideal for single-fuel vessels and dual fuel vessels equipped with LNG.

A liquefied natural gas-powered vessel is cooled down so that the liquid tends to evaporate. The heat from the surroundings heats up the fuel, and as it boils off, it’s captured and used in the vehicle.

TMC director of sales and business development Hans Petter Tanum says, “Compressing the boil-off gas to the required pressure for fuel directly into the ship’s engine gives you an optimal system with regards to energy efficiency.”

Through a joint venture, TMC will manufacture the boil-off gas compressors in the Nordic region and ship them to where the conversion work is being done.

We offer a wide selection of boil-off gas compressors ranging from 30kW – 450kW.

“Utilizing boil-off gas as a valuable resource helps reduce the ship’s fuel costs significantly, with the added benefit of reducing harmful emissions to air,” says Hans Petter Tanum.

Torr, with headquarters in Oslo, Norway, is a dedicated supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use.

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