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How to track deliveries like a pro

How To Track International Deliveries Like A Pro

Waiting on deliveries from overseas can be annoying when you don’t know where your packages are or when they’ll arrive. Luckily, by using the right tracking tools and techniques, you can monitor international shipments like a pro. This guide will walk you through carrier-specific tracking, third-party sites, and pro tips so you can pinpoint package locations and predict delivery dates with ease. Now, you can feel confident knowing where your items are in transit.


Know Your Carrier and Tracking Number

When you order a product internationally, the first vital step is to make note of the carrier fulfilling the shipment. This will be displayed on your order confirmation or shipping notice.

The major carriers handling overseas deliveries include:

  • USPS (United States Postal Service)
  • FedEx (Federal Express)
  • UPS (United Parcel Service)
  • DHL (Originally stood for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn)
  • National postal services like Royal Mail, China Post, etc.

Once your package ships out, you’ll receive a tracking number or shipment ID. This unique series of numbers and letters will be required by the package tracking website to track your package’s movement. Save this tracking number in your notes, emails or bookmark the tracking page. You might also want to set a calendar reminder to check for updates periodically.

The correct carrier details and tracking number lay the foundation for seamless monitoring. You must know which provider and ID is assigned to your package to track its progress accurately.

Use a Central Tracking Platform

Once you have your shipment’s tracking number, you can leverage online tools to monitor its location and progress. There are two main options—using the delivery carrier’s tracking system or third-party tracking websites.

However, tracking international shipments across numerous carrier websites can quickly become tedious. Instead of logging in and out of different platforms, use a single portal of third-party tracking to view all your delivery statuses.

Third-party Tracking Platform

Third-party package trackers allow you to monitor any delivery, no matter the courier. Simply enter a tracking number on their website or app. Within moments, you will see live location updates and estimated delivery timelines. This centralized hub draws real-time data directly from carrier APIs. So you get the most current shipping info without delay.

Best package tracking websites track major operators like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. You’ll also see lesser-known brands that specialize in certain regions. This could be crucial for niche destinations abroad. Rather than browsing several different sites, consolidate all tracking on one dashboard.

Pro Tips for Successful Tracking

With the right tools and game plan, monitoring your international packages can be straightforward rather than frustrating. Follow these pro suggestions for seamless tracking from end-to-end.

Save Tracking Sites and Apps

One of the easiest things you can do is save tracking sites and apps to your home screen for quick, one-tap access. Most carriers and third-party tracking services have iOS and Android apps. Add these apps and their respective websites to your device and browser bookmarks. This way, tracking info is always at your fingertips to pull up 24/7.

Set Up Push Notifications

In addition to saving tracking sites, enable push notifications for delivery updates. Carrier and third-party tracking tools allow you to customize alerts so you receive pings when:

  • Your package is out for delivery.
  • It has arrived at a checkpoint or intermediary hub.
  • It has cleared customs.
  • It has been delivered successfully.

Enabling these automatic alerts eliminates the need to manually check tracking repeatedly. Instead, pertinent updates get pushed straight to your smartphone or email inbox.

Contact Carrier if no Updates

International delivery times vary widely depending on the service, carrier, and customs processes. That said, if your package has had no tracking updates for 4+ days, it’s smart to investigate. Contact the shipping carrier directly via phone, email, or chat support. Provide them with your name, order details, and tracking number. Then, please inquire about the status and find out why it hasn’t been scanned or updated recently.

Verify Contact Info

A simple issue like an incorrect phone number, email, or shipping address can wreak havoc on tracking and delivery. Before any shipment goes out, double-check that the retailer has your most up-to-date phone number, email address, and shipping address on file.

It’s wise to choose an address where someone will most likely be present to receive the item. Using your work address is not recommended, as packages may arrive on weekends or holidays.

Use Signature Confirmation

When tracking high-value or expensive international orders, consider using a courier service that offers signature confirmation upon delivery. Signature confirmation requires someone at the shipping address to sign for the package before the courier releases it personally. This verifies the specific person who took ownership.

Insure Valuable Items

International shipping always carries some risk of loss or damage during transit. If you ordered precious items or merchandise, consider adding insurance through the carrier. Most major delivery services allow you to insure packages up to a declared value amount (e.g., $100 to $5,000+). For an extra fee, if your insured items get lost, stolen, or damaged—you can file a claim to get reimbursed for that declared value.

Request Detailed Tracking

For valuable or urgent packages, ask the shipper to enable detailed tracking before dispatch. This provides expanded visibility rather than essential monitoring. Detailed tracking means you’ll see more frequent scan updates at every transit step. This includes departure, arrival, and passing through intermediate hubs.


Waiting endlessly for international deliveries to arrive can be frustrating and disheartening. However, leveraging carrier-specific tracking services alongside multi-carrier sites provides end-to-end visibility. With pro tips like push notifications and signature confirmation, monitoring your packages transforms into an informed experience rather than a guessing game. When armed with the right tools and techniques, tracking international shipments becomes practically effortless

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