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Port of Limassol

Dp World Limassol Was Able to Welcome in a Record Number of Cruises This October

29 cruise ships berthed at DP World Limassol during October of this year, carrying 46,000 passengers. It was the busiest month for the port in 2022.

The cruise ship industry is growing fast and DP World Limassol are helping to accommodate the thriving business. They are expecting an additional 35 vessels at the end of year, meaning 162 guests will arrive at the dock with them. This will bring the total to 163 arrivals, a notable increase in comparison to 2021.

Limassol was the perfect place to spend the day! Not only did you have plenty of time to enjoy the sun, food and culture of the area, (and do some shopping along the way), but you also had an opportunity to make a major impact on their economy.

DP World Limassol CEO Nawaf Abdulla was quoted in a statement expressing satisfaction over the port’s performance this year.

A recent press release states that, “As a result of our ongoing, targeted efforts in coordination with the government, stakeholders, and local partners, Limassol port now attracts some of the world’s leading cruise lines.” Cyprus has come on strong since these difficult circumstances two years ago.

“We’re glad that our expectations for 2023 are still very positive, despite these conditions. We’ve already received a lot of cruise ship bookings, and we’re in touch with more major cruise lines,” he added.

DP World expects to welcome over 210 cruise ships this year, with their cruise business poised to sustain its strong performance going into the future.

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