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Cadeler and Eneti Unite to Forge a Pioneering Offshore Wind Turbine and Foundation Installation Powerhouse

In a groundbreaking move that is set to reshape the offshore wind industry, Cadeler and Eneti have announced a transformative agreement to merge their expertise and resources. The combined entity will emerge as a dominant force in the offshore wind turbine and foundation installation sector, pushing the boundaries of renewable energy and sustainability. This strategic partnership highlights the commitment of Cadeler and Eneti to accelerate the global energy transition by delivering cutting-edge solutions for offshore wind projects.

Pioneering the Offshore Wind Industry

Cadeler’s Offshore Expertise: Cadeler, a renowned leader in offshore installation services, has a strong track record of successfully executing complex projects in the renewable energy sector. With a focus on offshore wind turbine installation, the company brings invaluable experience and expertise to the partnership.

Eneti’s Global Presence: Eneti, formerly known as Scorpio Bulkers, is a prominent player in the shipping industry. Its extensive fleet and global footprint provide a robust foundation for the combined entity to expand its operations and deliver offshore wind turbine and foundation installation services on a larger scale.

Creating a Leading Offshore Wind Powerhouse

The merger between Cadeler and Eneti positions the new entity as a frontrunner in the offshore wind sector, capable of delivering comprehensive solutions for the installation of wind turbines and foundations. By combining their strengths, the companies enhance their technical capabilities, resources, and market reach, establishing themselves as a go-to partner for offshore wind projects worldwide.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Offshore Wind

Advanced Installation Vessels: The merger enables the combined entity to harness Cadeler’s expertise in providing state-of-the-art installation vessels purpose-built for offshore wind projects. These vessels are equipped with advanced technology and equipment, enabling efficient and safe installation of wind turbines and foundations in diverse offshore environments.

Streamlined Operations: Through synergies and optimized processes, the united entity can streamline its operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. This allows for the delivery of projects on schedule and within budget, supporting the growth and scalability of the offshore wind industry.

Accelerating the Energy Transition

Meeting Renewable Energy Targets: The combined capabilities of Cadeler and Eneti contribute to the accelerated deployment of offshore wind projects, playing a vital role in meeting global renewable energy targets. As countries worldwide strive to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, offshore wind presents a clean and abundant energy source with enormous potential.

Environmental Sustainability: Offshore wind power is a crucial component of the transition to a more sustainable future. By combining forces, Cadeler and Eneti emphasize their commitment to environmental responsibility, facilitating the development of clean energy infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions associated with conventional energy sources.

Collaboration and Innovation

The partnership between Cadeler and Eneti fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation within the offshore wind industry. By pooling their expertise and resources, the companies can drive advancements in installation techniques, vessel design, and project execution. This collaboration sets the stage for groundbreaking solutions that optimize efficiency, enhance safety, and drive down the cost of offshore wind energy.


The agreement between Cadeler and Eneti represents a significant milestone in the offshore wind industry, marking the birth of a powerful entity capable of delivering world-class offshore wind turbine and foundation installation services. With their combined expertise, resources, and commitment to sustainability, Cadeler and Eneti are poised to play a pivotal role in driving the global energy transition and securing a greener, more sustainable future powered by offshore wind.

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